About Us

  • We are direct importer of asian food and non-food
  • Carefully choose oriental food we distribute in Romania, so their quality and the prices decent.>
  • Asian food import from China, Thailand, Japan, India, the Netherlands, Germany
  • We are more than 10 years on the market in Romania in the import and distribution of food and non-oriental.
  • We can deliver both Asian retail and wholesale.
  • For wholesale orders oriental products please contact us. Prices are negotiable.
  • You can find inside the Red Dragon in Bucharest.



Mali Flower SRL

SHOP: sos. Dragonul rosu NR.15-19, Dobroiesti, Ilfov



  •         Tel: 0788808123


  • Headquarter:
    Str. Simetriei nr 100, Sector 2, Bucuresti, Camera nr. 2
    CUI 30988848